Who’s doing what?

Throughout my journey around Stoke, looking at the past, present and future state of literacy, I have come into contact with different organisations and people from all walks of life who work in and support literacy in different ways.

One initiative currently in operation across the city is Stoke Reads which is a joint venture between the City Council and the National Literacy Trust to promote reading and boost literacy throughout the city.

Local Councillors such as Janine Bridges are firmly behind such projects as are MPs like Robert Flello, who works to support literacy with people with disabilities and special needs.

Charities such as Beanstalk operate groups of volunteers to work with schools and children’s groups to improve literacy and give better access to to books and reading materials and environments.

Local probation services work with and operate out of local libraries, such as the City Centeral Library in Hanley, to support ex-offenders with improving their employment opportunities through learning workshops, supported by improving reading and writing skills.

Along the way I have come into contact with local poets, who have shared their thoughts, and authors from Stoke.


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