Hello, and welcome to SoT Literacy,

This site and it contents were born out of the research I undertook looking into the state of literacy in and across Stoke-on-Trent.

Over the past several months I have been working with various organisations and experts to delve into how Stoke and its residents fair when it comes to reading and writing.

My journey has bought me into contact with a wide cross section of groups from the National Literacy Trust to the probation service with many more in between.

As well as a journalist, I’m somewhat of an aspiring writer who’s looking to get my first book published and who also holds reading and literacy close to my heart.

On this site among the accompanying links and films there are a number of different thoughts and view points regarding literacy across Stoke.

In my quest to find what is currently happening, the problems and solutions I have found along the way, I have had my own preconceptions challenged and become better informed about the issues affecting literacy in both childhood and adult life.

To begin with (and it is a thread that will reoccur as you read, listen and view SoT Literacy’s contents) confidence, or lack of, is the main underlying factor in my research that has linked in with each and every interaction regarding literacy in Stoke.

This plays out in the confidence of parents to interact with their children in homework, bedtime reading and day to day interactions with words such as conversations and questioning.  Schools are under pressure to perform through the delivery of a standardised curriculum that does not account for socio-economic differences, technological impacts and the speed, pace and expectations of day to day life..

However, and this is the most important aspect of SoT Literacy – yourselves.

This website is not simply about presenting information.  I want to hear from you who are visiting SoTliteracy.  The point of this ‘project’ is to offer support and direction. Getting comments, feedback, chat and information from YOU is a key part.

Reading and writing should not be a boring chore, no, it should be something that we are empowered to enjoy in our own way, whether that is reading a novel, helping with homework, doing a crossword, writing a book  or learing to read and write. No one should be made to feel bad that they haven’t read some literary classic or written a academic essay.

Literacy should be about freedom and improving how we communicate.

Thanks for visiting,

and remember to get involved!




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